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What if your entire life were edited into a Hollywood-style movie you watch when you pass away?

Bryce Cochran had the worst New Year’s Eve of his life.
Then he died.
His host in the post-life world is the eccentric Mr. Sense, who escorts Bryce into his private movie theater and proceeds to thread reels of film onto his projector.
Bryce watches his life unfold on the silver screen, taking him on a journey of self-discovery peppered with drama, angst and humor. But the films become more interesting once the “what-if” scenarios begin. They provide a setting where life’s questions are answered, and his own possibilities are revealed. Bryce also discovers the rocky path to true love.
But what can he do with all this knowledge now that his life is over?
Life at 24 Frames Per Second is Rob Edwards’ second holiday novella.
Make it a resolution to unlock the surprises in this captivating New Year’s tale!

Find it on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!
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