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Reality TV can be murder!

"So engaging!"

“...a solid thriller and an enjoyable read.”  

"Rob Edwards did not disappoint!"

Beautiful Brooke Winthrop, and brash Becca Dodge are the host and producer of I Do or I Don’t, the number-one-rated reality television show in the country. It is a whirlwind courtship show that ends every episode at the altar where two people must decide, on live TV, whether they will say the two words that will change the rest of their lives.
When one unlucky bride says, “I do,” only to be murdered by the groom on their honeymoon, the distraught father of the bride holds Brooke and Becca accountable. He manages to kidnap them and produce his own internet show based on the same format of their program. Brooke and Becca are run through similar scenarios they put their couples through. They must use these brief moments to prove their innocence or be killed in the last episode!

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