The Horse in Motion

The images of the running horse in the book, are taken from the original images shot by Edward (Eadweard) Muybridge on June 19th, 1878, at a track in Palo Alto, CA. On the left is an image of Muybridge's camera battery set-up. If you hover your cursor over the image on the right you will see an animation of all of the images of Sallie Gardner together.

Palo Alto track.jpg

Below is the actual cabinet card created by Muybridge, documenting the event. The horse, “Sallie Gardner,” owned by Leland Stanford, is ridden by G. Domm. The collection of images, known as “The Horse in Motion,” is part of the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division;


Muybridge went on to create a projector to display the motion of the images which he termed "chronophotographs."  His projector was known as the zoopraxiscope, and his presentation at the California School of Fine Arts in 1880 is regarded as the first known motion picture exhibition.

So why have you never heard of this guy?  Because Thomas Edison, (who used Muybridge's work when he created his kinetoscope) had a much better press agent!

Below is one of Muybridge's image discs from his zoopraxiscope.


You can find out more about the amazing Eadweard Muybridge at Wikipedia. Click on his picture and it will take you to his site.

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