The majority of Rob Edwards working life has been in the video and film production world, giving him ample experience with storytelling and the creative process.  He has written throughout his career and is now  transforming his efforts to the page, rather than the screen.

His current series is called "Threads of Life." It is in the family-saga genre, and is based on the principle that everyone deals with stuff. People wind in and out of our lives and we may only get a quick glimpse of their world. But given the chance to dig a little deeper, their unique ordeals are quite compelling.  Thus, the story of a minor character from each book will be brought into the light.


Rob lives in the mid-Michigan area with his bride. Together they enjoy traveling, foodie adventures, wine tasting, reading, and generally being outdoors.

He currently works as a Media Development Specialist, and teaches video post-production.

Rob loves hearing from readers, so please feel free to contact him.